Updating Your Contact Information

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Ensuring your contact information is up to date is important, or else you may miss important contact from clients or RPM related to your account. RPM does not take responsiblity for miss communication due to improper contact information.

  1. Make sure you've logged into your back office and navigate to the Account Manager -> Agents/Assistants section.
    Agents assistants.jpg

  2. Select the desired agent.

  3. Update the necessary fields
  4. Click Agent update.png to save the changes.

The following details the fields and their meanings:

Your personal details, including your franchise logo. If your franchise logo doesn't appear, you can add a custom one
Business Address
Your primary place of business. This is generally your office location - the same address you would put on your business card
Other Contact Information
Any other contact information you would like your Website to display.
Board Information - Advanced Setting
These are the board ids for you and your office. Note - If you aren't familiar with this information, You can get it from your board and your brokerage. In some cases RPM support can recover it for you but it is not a guarantee
Login Information
This is the login information for the agent selected in the Navigation Panel.