Forwarding Email

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RealPageMaker lets you automatically forward incoming mail to another address.

Here's how to forward messages automatically

  1. Make sure you've logged into your back office and then click directly on "Email Manager".
    Top email manager.jpg

  2. In the left section, click the plus "[+]" sign to reveal the email addresses for your domain

  3. Click on the desired email address.

  4. Select the Forwardingtab.jpg tab and then click the Addforward.jpg button.

  5. In the New Forwarder field, type the email address to which you would like mail from the account forwarded. Click the Add button, and the forward will be set.

When a forward is created, you will notice a Deliver Locally checkbox. This determines if, after mail is forwarded, the messages are kept at the RPM email account. If you only check your email at the forwarded address, this can be un-checked. If, however, you check your email both at the forwarded address and the RPM address (e.g. through Webmail), leave the box checked.

You can setup as many forwards as you like for a given email, by repeating the above process. To remove an existing forward, simply click the Delete button next to the forward you want to remove.