Custom Community/Neighborhood Search Pages

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1. Log Into Back Office
2. Go to Website Manager>Look and Feel then go to Add/Delete Pages, Edit Menu


3. Click Add Menu Item
4. Under Menu Title add some thing like “Community Search”
5. Click “ADD”
6. On your page go to “search properties” and “communities”

7. Find the the neighbourhood you want and click on it.

8. Copy the last part of the URL (after your domain – I.E. - “/comunities.....html”

9. Go back to “Add/Delete Pages, Edit Menu”
10. Click Add Menu Item
11. Change the page type drop down to “Link to external site or file”

12. Paste the copied URL into the box, be sure to remove the http:// that is there.
13. Name the menu item the name of the community.
14. Click Add
15. Under Menu Order, click and drag the new item under and to the right of the Community menu, using the blue page beside it.
16. Repeat for all other desired communitys