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About RealPageMaker

The Company

Founded in 2002, RealPageMaker is a privately held, Canada-based software company. Our main
customers are real estate agents and brokers in North America. Our core products
include RPM Agent and RPM Brokerage.

Company History

In 2003, working in partnership with local real estate boards, RealPageMaker became the first company in Canada to offer VOW-based products (Virtual Office Website) to real estate agents and brokers.

In 2008, RealPageMaker released RPM 3, the industry’s most advanced real estate website platform. With the release of RPM 3, RealPageMaker became the first company in Canada to offer real-time trending tools and dynamic map-based property searching.

Today, RealPageMaker’s RPM Agent and RPM Brokerage products, both based on the new RPM 3 software engine, are available in many major cities in Canada and the US.

More Information

For more information about RealPageMaker please email contact us. If you are interested
in joining our team, please check our careers page.