Company History

In 2003, working in partnership with local real estate boards, RealPageMaker became the first company in Canada to offer VOW-based products (Virtual Office Website) to real estate agents and brokers.

In 2008, RealPageMaker released RPM 3, the industry’s most advanced real estate website platform. With the release of RPM 3, RealPageMaker became the first company in Canada to offer real-time trending tools and dynamic map-based property searching.

Today, RealPageMaker’s RPM Agent and RPM Brokerage products, both based on the new RPM 3 software engine, are available in many major cities in Canada and the US.

For more information about RealPageMaker please email or contact us.

Our Team

Edward Zadrozny

VP Technology

You want technology that “just works”? Ed’s the guy to call. Years of experience spent designing and building everything from web applications to server infrastructure and an excellent group of trusted colleagues help him find just what’s needed. When he’s not building outstanding solutions to business problems new and old, Ed likes to live the *$%* out of life by seeing and doing everything that’s humanly possible.

Ed is motivated by:

  • The success and promise of well-designed technology
  • Making everyone’s life easier
  • Copious amounts of caffeine

Sam Prochazka

Founder and CEO

Veteran salesman. Master programmer. Fearless team leader. Yes, Sam is all of these things, but his technical and management skills are dwarfed by his passion for web technology and revenue-generating websites. Despite founding 4 successful technology companies in the health, e-commerce, real estate and international trade industries, Sam still considers his greatest achievement to be eating over 24 Tim Hortons donuts in one sitting without losing consciousness.

Sam is motivated by:

  • Brilliant technology that “just works”
  • An occasional swig of San Pellegrino sparkling water
  • His brilliant colleagues

Tristan Goa

VP Sales

An innovator in sales and marketing, Tristan feels equally comfortable managing teams of one as she does 30. Tristan has increased sales in every company she’s joined by at least 300% by culling inefficiency, restructuring sales methodology, and motivating with her killer banana chocolate chip pancake recipe.

Tristan is motivated by:

  • Working with natural problem solvers
  • Shiny things
  • Being part of something innovative

Jan Timperely

Finance / Accounting

By day Jan manages ClickSold’s money, and all things accounting. Jan draws on vast professional experience, having managed the finances for many companies in a wide range of industries. Though Jan reluctantly uses a computer for the majority of her work, her true skills lie with bean counting and the abacus.

Jan likes:

  • Power tools
  • Ping pong
  • Voting for politicians who agree that “everyday should be race-day”

Jeremy Pond

Support Guru

Having done support for everything from mom and pop companies to the big boys like Dell and Microsoft, Jeremy loves nothing more than trying to find the solution to problems and getting them fixed. A jack of all trades he dabbles in everything from music and design to coding and hardware builds. At the end of the day figuring out how something works and why, means it is a good day.

Jeremy is motivated by:

  • The new
  • His band
  • Coffee. . . so much coffee. . .