A 20 Minute/Day SEO Plan That Works

You’re getting the emails telling you that a high Google ranking is just a mouseclick (and several thousand dollars) away, but how do you accomplish this yourself? Here’s a simple guide that we’ve seen work time-and-time again.

Step 1: Get a good website

Bells and whistles are one thing, but ranking well in search engines requires a website that:
  • is designed correctly with good URL and Title structure
  • can be easily updated

Step 2: Target your keywords

This is the interesting part – and DON’T GET INTIMIDATED. If you want to target “Chicago Real Estate” or “Vancouver Real Estate” then go for it. Just make sure you’re willing to wait a little longer (8-12 months) before you make it into the top 10.

Step 3: Optimize your meta tags

Make sure your front page title tag contains your targeted keyword(s), and not much else.

Step 4: Optimize your content

Make sure your targeted keywords appear in your content frequently but logically. Going out of your way to “trick” search engines won’t get you anywhere.

Step 5: Get good backlinks

Here’s the most important part. Make sure you get backlinks that:
  • will last a long time
  • have your keywords in the anchor text (EXTREMELY IMPORTANT)
  • are on high page rank websites, or root domains
5-10 backlinks per day should do it, with 3-5 high quality links per week.

Step 6: Keep content fresh

People often forget this one. Search engines measure two content factors:
  1. Is it fresh on this current analysis?
  2. How often is it fresh?
If the answers to these questions are “yes” and “often” respectively, then you’re good to go. A fresh blog post every week ought to do the trick.

Step 7: Repeat steps 5 and 6

Believe it or not, that’s it! Most people over-complicate SEO so dramatically they convince themselves that only professionals are capable of achieving a good ranking. I can say, from personal experience, that it’s well within anyone’s reach. Success is determined by only two things: consistency and commitment. Stick with this approach for 10-12 months and your website will be producing more business than you can handle.
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3 thoughts on “A 20 Minute/Day SEO Plan That Works

  1. It is funny how many people don’t realize how easy SEO is. This guide will help any small business see some results but of course there are a few other factors that can drastically help your SEO efforts. One such method is optimizing your page speed. Google especially puts high emphasis on Page speed.

    Thanks for the great article!

  2. I’m involved in SEO for some highly-trafficked, high-ranking sites and I can say that, unless your search terms are EXTREMELY competitive (I’ve achieved excellent rankings for several competitive keyword phrases), it only takes 20 minutes/day. I should also add that sometimes I do the work on a Monday and a Friday for 1 hr and 1.3 hrs respectively – but roughly speaking it still means about 20 min/day.

  3. Usually you need more than 20 minutes to go through your checklist, don’t you? To keep your content fresh (step 6) you need to think what your (potential) customers want to read about and how to use SEO to make it crawler friendly. Usually I spend a lot more time only for this point…

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