Writing Killer Website Content

The talents of most REALTORS lay in selling homes, not writing Pulitzer-prize-winning novels. That’s not to say that writing talent isn’t out there, but writing killer content often isn’t at the forefront of most REALTORS minds.
“So what should I do?”
I get asked this all the time, and the answer is simple: contract it out.


If you’ve ever read a Hardy-Boys novel then you know how good ghostwriters can be (you didn’t really think it was Franklin W. Dixon writing all those books, did you?). Many REALTORS now use ghostwriters to create their online content for them. Prices for hiring ghostwriters vary dramatically, but it’s possible to get good content written for an entire website for as little as $100-$200.

Advantages to Using Ghostwriters

  • Saves time
  • The saved time will likely save money
  • Get a better ranking in Google

Potential Disadvantages to Using Ghostwriters

  • The copy can be bad… really bad – if you don’t find the ‘write’ person (write – ha!)
  • Cost. Yes, without shopping around it can get expensive.

How to find Ghostwriters

Here are some places: But my best success has come from posting on the local college or university job board and asking students to write copy. For the record – I write all my own articles for RealPageMaker. And my real name is Sam. (Though this article was mostly written by Tristan. Thanks Tristan.)

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